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Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge by Clare Connelly

Bought for the Billionaire's Revenge by Clare Connelly

Hot, fast, relationship-intense read

The boardroom barter always makes for a strong, Presents’ first impression. What I really liked about this beginning though, is that the relationship conflict is right out in the open between them.

I also liked the Greek setting with its older-Presents' vibe, an impression reinforced by voice and how the romance is very conflict-driven. 

Nikos also reinforces classic Presents when you’re first introduced, but you're waiting, or at least I was, for him to become more 3D.

This is more the heroine's story than the hero's. Marnie is easy to empathise with. You understand how she made the decision she did as a grieving 17-year-old, even if it takes the hero a while to.

The pace is disorientating at times as you sometimes wonder where you are and whose head you’re in. 

Marnie says she’s seen inside Nikos' soul, but I didn’t really feel as though the reader had, and I would have happily sacrificed secondary-character scenes and love-scene intense for more internal insight into Nikos' heart and soul.

3 classic Presents' stars for this easy-to-read page turner that skates the surface of the emotion and the hero

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