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Engaged to her Ravensdale Enemy by Melanie Milburne

Romance is at the heart of this keeper-shelf Modern

A Melanie Milburne is a safe bet for me. I’ve always loved her books, and this totally delivered on my expectations and some.

I was immediately engaged by her writing, and immersed in the world of the lovable heroine and gorgeous hero. I loved the 3D characters, the personality in the characterisation that brings them to life, the sexual tension and the pacing is on point. 

I particularly loved how the romance is kept front and centre.

Can’t wait to set foot in the Ravensdales’ world again so that I can get to know the other characters better and still have a window on Jake and Jaz’s relationship.

Five stars plus & one for my keeper shelf.

Nine Months to Redeem Him by Jennie Lucas

Nine Months to Redeem Him by Jennie Lucas

The Shock Cassano Baby by Andie Brock