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The Sheikh's Bought Wife by Sharon Kendrick

Sharon Kendrick puts the Oh in Outrageous Heroes!

I loved the 5-star-plus beginning. Zayed won’t be everyone’s cup of Arabian tea but he’s definitely mine. Sharon Kendrick heroes should come with her very own trademark. I adored his über-arrogance and the heroine he’s been given, and rubbed my hands together at the promise of her calling him on it.

Librarian / academic is another favourite character-type and Jane is more ugly-duckling than Cinderella. She’s strong, caring, easy to empathise with. Definitely a match for Zayed.

The best thing about the first half was forgetting to read as a reviewer and reading as a reader--there's some fab dialogue / interaction.

Jane's character arc seems to be discovering her fine feathers on a voyage of sensual discovery, which fits well with SK's strong focus on sensuality and love scenes. The relationship’s inherent sexual tension is like living on a cliff edge. It  wouldn’t take much to tip them over into consummating their marriage.

The Black Moment undermined some of this lovely sexual tension and conflict for me, as I found myself thinking wouldn’t he have known that from the lawyers before?  and would she really have sent that email?

Zayed's internal conflict is obviously there in who he is and what he does, but it felt too easily dealt with; too rushed at the end.  I'd have liked more exploration of this, for the heroine to dig around in the sand a bit more to discover her sheikh’s heart.

The Sheikh’s Bought Wife is classic Presents / Modern. It’s enjoyable, on the hotter side of the line, with an engaging heroine and Sharon Kendrick™OTT hero.

But classic is a bit of a double edged sword here as for me it was a bit too classic.

3.5-3.75 stars

 Arc from Harlequin via NetGalley in return for feedback.




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